How to boost your website performance using W3 total cache plugin


There many reasons why speed matters. If I pause for one minute before responding to any question you ask me, then probably you will get sick of our conversation. That’s how exactly the speed of your website matters. In this article, we will tell you how to improve your website speed using W3 total cache […]

How to Optimize the “website in C panel”?

optimize content

If you want your website to load faster and provide a good user experience then your website should be optimized. There are many other ways to optimize the website But here we will discuss how to optimize the content of your website from C Panel Login to C panel Go to software section > click […]

WP Smush One of Best plugin to Optimize Image in 2019

WP Smush One of Best plugin to Optimize Image in 2019

Best Plugin to optimize Image There are hundreds of plugins available in the market but I prefer WP smush as one of the Best plugins to optimize the image. Why to Optimize image ? Image optimization is necessary for site speed and IF your website images are not optimized then it will take too long […]