Best Blog niche idea for starting a blog in 2019

best blog niche to start a blog in 2019

In the world of digital, a blog is the best way to earn money online. And I think there is no rocket science in it and ya you don’t need any degree or any specialization in any industry. All you need is some knowledge.

If you are reading this article then I know you want to start a blog to earn money and definitely you read somewhere or someone told you that blogging is the best way to earn money in the 20th century. Don’t worry after reading this article probably you will get an idea about the blog niche.

So if you are thinking the blog is an easy thing like where you can write something, some users come and read your article and you will get earn then hold on just hold on. It’s not that easy.

Why I am saying that it’s not easy, the reason is your writing skill. If you are writing an article and it’s boring or your article is missing user attention then your blog will never rank in the search engine. Like I am writing this article and you are reading this, if the article is written in a good format then you will continue to read till the end.

And if you already have an idea and you want to start a blog then go to our page START BLOG and create your first blog

So without wasting more time, we will start on topic – the best Idea for a blog in 2019.


I think how to is one of the most trending topics on Google. Because whenever people stuck somewhere they will write on Google to guide “HOW TO“.

The best part of HOW TO niche you can write an article on many topics or for many categories. For ex :

How to start a blog, how to start the automatic car, how to restart the laptop, how to reset the phone, how to wear a party dress, how to dress up for fashion show, how to eat food, how to write an article and much more.


Politics is also a trending topic in a search engine and in the newspaper. On this you don’t have to think so much, just read the newspaper and write your article about politics.

You can write article in someone’s favor or against.

For ex- today’s really of modi, the announcement of government, work done by government and many more.


This is one of the best ways to generate traffic on your blog. The only thing need is your cooking knowledge.

Because nowadays many people search for recipes online before start cooking.

Beginners guides

If you have knowledge in any particular industry then you can start beginners guide where you can tell beginner what to do and how to. Like I have knowledge of blogs and WordPress so I have started Vickymad.

Beginner’s guides are the best way to generate organic traffics.

Product reviews

This is also one of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog. Nowadays if people want to buy something first they will go and check for a review of those products.

You can give reviews about anything like – movies, smartphones, laptops, router, apps, mouse, and keyboard, trimmer anything.

Breaking news

Start writing and discuss breaking news on the blog. Hold on I am not saying that write breaking news on politics only you can write for the event, fashion, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and much more… So it depends on you to choose the topic.


I think this is the topic which will never end if you will start writing on it. And if we look at the search engine traffic on travel then probably you will start your blog on travel only.

Everyone loves traveling and before leaving for somewhere they will Google it or they will go to your YouTube and check for the places. So it‘s another best topic for you to generate traffic on your blog.

Gift ideas

People will search for gift ideas on birthdays. It is also the best way to generate organic traffics. You can give ideas like- which is the best gift to give to friends, father, mother, sister, brother, and girlfriend.


Fitness is also a trending topic nowadays because everyone needs six-packs and a big muscle. So if you have knowledge of fitness then start writing on fitness and generate traffic on your blog.

For ex – exercise, how to do a particular exercise, dieting and much more…

Success stories

People love reading success stories, You can start writing success stories of successful people to generate traffic and earn a handsome income every month.

You can also write success stories of companies, firms, journalists, IT specialists and many more.

That’s all i hope you will get an idea on blog niche. And if not then don’t worries write your confusion in comment section we will help you out. Thanks.



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