WP Smush One of Best plugin to Optimize Image in 2019

WP Smush One of Best plugin to Optimize Image in 2019

Best Plugin to optimize Image

There are hundreds of plugins available in the market but I prefer WP smush as one of the Best plugins to optimize the image.

Why to Optimize image ?

Image optimization is necessary for site speed and IF your website images are not optimized then it will take too long to load the website. If your website has a low or average score then it is not a good sign for SEO. According to a survey if a website doesn’t have a score more then 90. Then it’s not good for search engine ranking.

WP Smush

WP smush has a Pro and free version and both work perfectly. This plugin will automatically optimize your image whenever you upload and even you can also optimize older images.

The Free version WP smush doesn’t require to create an account, Free version allows you to optimize max 50 older images. and if you want to do more optimization then you have to buy a premium version.

How to install WP smush ?

Go to plugins > add new > Search for WP smush > click on install > Activate

After installing plugin go to plugin settings.

On dashboard, WP smush will show you how much images needs to be optimize.

Click on Bulk Smush now and your image will be start optimizing.

Once your image will be optimize, WP smush will show you how much MB you have saved.

Once you are done with image optimization, Go to google Speed test and GT matrix and test your website speed. Your website score will be improved.



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