Best Free Competitor Analysis SEO Tool That will Improve your traffic

Best free competitor analysis tool that will increase your traffic in 2019

Best Free Competitor Analysis SEO tool

In this Article, we will learn how to do competitor Analysis to find out your industry competitor who is doing reasonably well, neither target industry leader or a newer one Because at the end you have to target high competition keyword or low traffic keywords. Instead of doing this work manually we will use some tools to do it.

If you are New in your industry and you don’t have any idea about your competitor then it will take a lot of time you to rank. So today in this article I will tell you 3 best free tools to find your competitors. All these tools also have paid version, If you want more information about your competitor then you can buy their premium version.

Let’s move to topic Best Free Competitor Analysis SEO Tool That will Improve your traffic.

I have a technology and gadgets review website name as Shoutwithme and I know only one competitor in this segment and I am using all these 3 free tools to find out my other competitors with less domain authority but with the same content. Once I will find out my competitors, I will check on which topics or keywords they are ranking. after that, I will start writing on those topics to rank faster on google. For reference, I used as my competitor.

1. Similar Web

A similar web is one of the best free tools to do competitor analysis. The similar web provides you details like – Global rank, country rank, Traffic overview, Traffic sources, organic and paid keywords of your competitor website.

Similar web has a simple interface and it is very easy to use this tool. Just write your competitor name in the search bar, go down in competitor and similar sites section. You will get two types of categorization. one is similar and the other is Rank. For Ex. – I have searched of

In similarly section, it will show you all top ranking website which has a similar content like, Similar website like – TechRadar, Engagdets and much more.

While in the Rank section it will display the websites which have the same Domain authority as it will also display websites with the same content.

2. SpyFu

SpyFu is also the best tool to use for competitor analysis. The interface of SpyFu is user-friendly. SpyFu provides you information like – Organic traffic, paid search, Seo keywords, And the competitors. SpyFU will give you details of 5 competitors. Organic + Paid competitors.

Write down the Website name in the Search bar section, go down to the competitor section. You will get 5 competitors of your niche. Here I used as my competitor.

3. Alexa

Alexa is another best tool to find out competitors. you don’t need to log in or purchase this tool, just go to Go down and enter the website name in Browse top site sections. Like SpyFu and Similar web Alexa also provides so much information about the website but what we are looking is competitors. once you entered the website go down to what sites are related section and note down your competitors.

After using all this tool, you need to analysis and sort list a unique website that you think as your competitors.



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