How to Find ToP ranking Keywords of your Competitors

Top Ranking Keywords of your competitors

Everyone wants more and more traffic to their website, and for that most of webmaster publish article regularly to rank high in the search engine. If you are new in this industry and want to rank on the first page of a search engine, I think it’s not an easy task.

But today in this article I will tell you how you can find out your competitor Top Ranking keywords. Make a list of all the keywords check their monthly volume and start writing on the keywords which have a good amount of traffic with low competition.

Today we will use 2 Tools to find out Top ranking Keywords of your competitors. Both these tools are not free but they provide some amount of information for free, If you don’t have a budget issue then go and buy their premium plan for more accurate results. And I think both tools are money worth. The first tool which we are using is


Go to and enter your competitor name in the search bar. Here I have assumed as my competitors. After entering the name go down to the Top Keywords section and click on view all organic keywords. will provide you 5 Top Keywords of your competitor which are ranking good in search engine and if you want to see more results then you have to buy premium plans.

In You will get information like cost per click, ranking difficulty, monthly search, estimated clicks, and estimated click value. Now the question arises which keywords I should use? Always take those keywords which have at least 10k to 20k monthly visits. and ranking difficulty of around70-75%.

So here I will take the keyword ‘phone services for business’ And I will start writing an article on this topic. If I will write good content on this topic then probably I will get some good amount of clicks to my website because the keywords which I choose are not more competitive and also the keyword has an average monthly visit.

SEM Rush

Go to enter your competitor name in the search bar. As I already told I assume my competitor as after entering the name of your competitors, A new page will appear which gives a lot of information about your competitors. if you want then you can note down all this information for your future use. Here we are looking for top ranking keywords of your competitors so just move on the Top organic keywords section in the down and click on the full report.

SemRush will provide you Top 10 ranking keywords of your competitors and if you want more information then you have to buy a premium plan of the SemRush. SemRush plans are very costly, If have a digital marketing agency or you need an SEO tool for your websites (more than 2 websites)then only buy SEM rush.

SemRush provide you information like monthly traffic percentage of keyword, Volume of keyword, KD% and the position. As i already told you choose those keywords which has traffic of around 10 to 20k monthly. and ranking difficulty of around 70% and the traffic percentage will be around 1%.

So here I will choose the keyword ‘best website builder’ Because this keyword has traffic percentage of 1.67%, monthly visit of 14k and ranking difficulty is also lower than 70%.

I will take both of these keywords and starts writing a long and long interesting article on this topic to get at least 3k monthly visitors. If I will write 4 to 5 article on this keyword with some good SEO based content then I will definitely get some traffic to my website.



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