How is Newer Website Rank Faster Using Keyword Research?

How is Newer Website Rank Faster Using Keyword Research

Keyword Research

If you Recently Started a blog or have a website and want to rank faster in the search engine then right keyword research is the best way for you to Rank faster on Google. Except for Keyword Research, there are a lot of other methods to rank faster but Keyword research is the best and easiest way to generate more and more traffic to your website.

Writing an article on your website without keyword research is of no use. Because everyone writes an article to generate traffic and if you are writing an article on a topic which has less traffic or we can say no traffic then it’s a total waste of time in writing such an article.

Keywords are basically classified into two main categories.

Short tail keywords

Short tail keywords are the keywords that have mostly 1-3 words. Short tail keywords will have high traffic and also with lots of competitions.  So it’s very difficult to rank on the first page on Google for short tail keywords.

Let’s take an example to understand more easily.

For ex- let’s search for a short tail keyword on Google like Facebook. When you will search Facebook on Google you will get in the first search result. Can you imagine For term Facebook any other website can rank? I think it’s impossible because of domain Authority and Search relevance of

Short tail keywords are further divided into two categories.

  • Navigational keyword
  • General Keywords
  • Navigational – Most of the Short tail keywords are navigational keywords. When the user wants to go to a website like Amazon, Flipkart, Alexa, YouTube, etc. They will normally search like youtube and click on the first link in the search bar and they will reach to These types of keywords are called navigational keywords Because they are navigating.
  •  General  – General keywords are like – Sales, Top Processors, Best Laptops, Top Monitors, Best Processor  Are the keywords known as general keywords.

Long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the keywords that start with 3 words and go up to 10 words. Long tail keywords have medium traffic with medium to low competition. With long tail keyword, you can easily rank on the First page even in a week.

For ex – Search for a long tail keyword like how to create an e-commerce website on word press You will get a lot of website and if you did good keyword research and have good content on your website then even you can rank easily on these type of keywords.

Long tail keywords are of three types

  1. Informational Long tail keywords
  2. Transactional Long tail keywords
  3. General Long tail keywords
  • 1. Informational Long tail keywords –  The keywords which are used to search some information are called informational long tail keywords. Such as – How to start a Car without a key, How to create a website on word press, how to use a Smartphone camera. In all these keywords you are looking for some information on a blog or a website. All the keywords starting with How to can be categories as informational long tail keywords.
  • 2. Transactional Long tail keywords – Transactional keywords are the keywords that make some transactions. For ex- Buy Smartphone under $500 online, Buy cheap LEAD TV online, Buy a Graphics card online, etc. Here you are trying to buy something or you are trying to make a transaction. All the keywords start with ‘BUY’ can be categories as Transactional long tail keywords.
  • 3. General Long tail keywords –  The keywords which are not transactional or not informational are called General long tail keywords. For Ex- WordPress e-commerce website.

If you have an online store or an E-commerce website then you should target on Transactional long tail keywords.  And if you have a content-based website or blog then you should target on Informational long tail keywords.



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