How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Conversion

How to Increase time on site and Reduce Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase average time

In this article, I will tell you how to increase the average time of site and reduce bounce rate. Many people are not aware of the Bounce rate and think it’s not an important factor. But they are wrong If you want to rank at a good position in the search engine then your Bounce rate should be lower

What is bounce rate ?

The bounce rate is a rate that increases when a user comes to your website and exits. For ex – A user searches for something in the search engine and your website occurs at first position and the user clicks on your website, but due to some reason user went back to the search engine then it will increase the bounce rate of your website and which is not good for your website ranking.

Method used to increase Average time and Reduce bounce rate

There are a lot of ways to increase Average time on your site such as – a website with good content, with good images and many more. but today I will tell you the Best 7 ways to increase the Average time of your site.

Featured Images

Features images or eye-catching images is the best way to increase your website average time. If your website has good featured images then the user will show more interest to your website. Use some tool to create some stunning Features images. I will recommend you to use Canva, it will take just 5-10 min to create a good featured image in canva.

Video links

Add youtube embed plugin to your website and put links of youtube on your website which are related to your post. when a user comes to your website definitely they will read your content and if you don’t have good content on your site but you have embedded an interesting video related to the same topic then the user will watch the video then it will increase average time of your site and decrease bounce rate.

Avoid Popups

When a user comes to your website and you put this Pop up to the face of visitors then there is not surprising that you will get 70 to 80% of bounce rate. So try to avoid these.

Subscription box

Most of the bloggers push this subscription box into the face of the visitors when they enter into the blog from the search engine. Before knowing what type of content is there on your website how can a new visitor will subscribe to your website. It’s better to show a subscription box to the user when he exists. offer them something free which instead of increasing bounce rate it will decrease the bounce rate of your website and keep the user on the website.

Page Speed

According to research if a website takes more then 2 sec for loading then the user will bounce back to search engine. so make sure that your website will load within 2 seconds. If you don’t know factor which affects Page speed then check out our topic on 5 FACTORS THAT AFFECT YOUR WEBSITE SPEED.

Related post

Sometime users will read the complete article and he or she may go back to the search engines to search more related to that post. Instead of allowing the user to go back you may display some related post on that topic so that you can keep the visitor within the website.

External links in New window

Install any plugin which by which all the external link will be open in the new window. If the external link opens in your website then the user will leave your website page and move to the other website. Instead of that if an external link opens in a new window then your website will remain open and it will increase your average time and it decreases the bounce rate.



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