5 factors that affect your website speed

5 factors that affect your website

Factors that affect your Site Speed

Today in this article we will discuss the 5 factors that affect your site speed. So here are some factors that influence how fast or slow your website loads are –

  1. The no. of component – like scripts, images, fonts – on your page.
  2. The size of each component.
  3. You web host.
  4. The geographical location of the user                   
  5. Network your users are on

1. The no. of components.

If your page has a lot of components like – images, scripts, and video then the loading time will be more because your user browsers need to make a lot of server requests. 

More components – more Requests

More request – more loading time

You can do a lot of things to reduce the number of request browser will need to make to download components. Like you can put all the images on a page into single sprite – so that browser will need to make one request to download all the images.

2. The size of each components.

The larger the components are the longer the page will take to load. If your page has high definition images or videos of more length then the page load time will increase significantly.  You will need to optimize the images for the web.

3. Your Web host

Your web host has a huge impact on site speed. Generally, people host their sites on shared hosting which takes more time to load. If your website has a good amount of traffic and you are using shared hosting then probably it will affect your site speed.

You should measure the time to first byte of your site.  This is the first byte from your content your browser will recive after making the request. This is the besy way to find out how fast is your server. If your time to first byte is high then you might want to  have a talk with your host about it.

You can use a caching plugin to improve your site speed. For Ex. – as W3 total cache and Wp super cache.

4. Geographical location

If your site is hosted in India and a user in Canada is trying to access it, then your site will take time to load because the distance data will need to travel.  

5. Poor Network speed

Let’s take an example if your website is hosted on dedicated hosting and has standard loading time but if a User comes from Poor network and trying to access your website then definitely it will take time to load your site.

If someone is trying to access your website with some 7-8-year-old browser. Then your site will take more time to load. Modern browsers come with 5-6 active connections while old browsers may have fewer active connections.   

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