How to Get a Free SSL certificate to your WordPress Website


Every day we heard a lot of stories of people getting their information stolen, stolen identities, credit cards, bank account numbers, etc. This all happens because of not having SSL to your site.

What is SSL

Website which displays HTTPS means they have SSL. SSL means a secure socket layer that encrypts website information between server and browser.  HTTPS is a signal for the user that the website is secure.

If your website is taking information from users such as – email id, account number, credit card details,  then you have to Secure your website and your users.

Why to use SSL

Here is the reason why SSL is so important for a website.

·         Higher Google search engine ranking

·         Better security

·         Customer trust

·         Peace of mind

Normally SSL certificate is very expensive and if just starting a blog or a small scale business then I think you don’t want to buy SSL at a high cost. Nowadays most hosting providers are providing Free SSL with their hosting plan. So before buying hosting, check for SSL certificate and if you are confused about which is the best hosting then check out our topic Best hosting to buy

Now you understood what is SSL and What is the use of SSL to any website. So now we will move to our topic How to get free SSL for your WordPress Website.

Free SSL Certificate for your website

There are a lot of companies in the market which are offering free SSL certificate, but I will recommend your Cloud Flare. Cloud flare is one of the best company which provide Free SSL in an easy way, they also offer features like – content delivery network (CDN), security protection for website all these you will get for free.

Cloud Flare: Free SSL Certificate

  • Go to cloud > click on signup and create a free account
  • After signup > dashboard > click on Add site
  • Enter your website name > click on Add site
  • We’re querying your DNS records > click on Next button
  • Choose Free plan of cloud flare
  • Some technical terms appear, Don’t worry go down and click on Continue
  • It will tell you to change your name server to this. IF you know how to change then change it and click on continue
  • If you don’t know then check out our topic How to change the name server
  • Once you are done with name server your website will get SSL within 24 hours. Now enjoy free SSL certificate for your website.

IF you are facing any problem during the installation of free SSL certificate to your website then Comment below we will help you out.



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