Google Algorithm Updates: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Update


Panda update

Google released the Panda update in May 2011. Since then there are several panda updates. This update is also known as ‘Farmers update’. Panda looks at mainly on page factors. Google uses algorithms to find out the human experience on site to separate the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sites. Panda updates focus on the user experience. Would user trust information on your site?

So what are things you can do to pass the Panda Update?

Design and user experience

Your website looks good neat and clean.

Users can easily navigate to your website. Proper navigation is compulsory for a good user experience.

The website must be mobile friendly; if your website is not mobile friendly then it will not Rank on Google.

The website should load faster, website which takes more time to load scores very poorly.

Too many ads on website is also not good for user experience

Content quality

A website with low content takes time to rank on Google.  A few years ago Blogger or SEO peoples that would write an article of around 300 to 500 words. These were all unique and grammatically correct content and that used to be sufficient to Rank. But now time changes.

If you want to rank higher in SEO then you should write a unique and grammatically correct article of around 1500 to 2000 words. And also has a good number of unique and relevant images and videos.

User metrics

In addition to Design and content Panda also consider usage matricesHow many people click on your website from SERPs, how much time they will spend on your website, how many pages they will browse once they visit the site, how many people go back to SERPs after clicking to your website and how many people come to your website with direct link.

Panda update is now the part of their algorithm which means if your website has good unique content with a lot of backlinks but if your website will not give a better user experience, or we can say if user is not spending more time on your website then Google will not rank you higher in the search result.

This update shows that Google seems to try to ensure only sites that provide good user experience, rise to the top of the SERPs.

Google penguin update

Penguin update rolled out in April 2012. Google penguin update primarily focuses on finding out a site that has the spammy link and removing them from search results.

A few years ago if you will manage to get thousands of backlinks to your website your site would rank to SERPs, But Google identifies that people were game with Google system by generating thousands of spam links to rank higher in search results.

The Penguin update was designed to devalue the spammy link or penalize the site that indulged in such practices.  Google Penguin update does not care about user experience or the quality of content on the site if the site is trying to game with a system then it will devalue the links or it will penalize the website

With these updates, Google seems to indicate they want to see only editorial links on sites. Not the links which are paid or user-generated. Now Google penguin update is also the part of Google algorithm.

Google Hummingbird

Panda and Penguin updates were designed for user experiencing and spammy links. Google Hummingbird is not an update or neither a penalty it is believed to be a completely new, redesigned version of the algorithm itself.

Panda and penguins updates are more like to be a plug-in that was plugged into the algorithm. Hummingbird is the redesigned version of the entire algorithm.

The Hummingbird update was designed because people were using speech recognition on their mobile devices to search for what they need instead of a keyboard to type their queries in. And if someone uses speech recognition, then the structure of the query is different than they would when using a keyboard.

Queries that are spoken on mobile devices are longer and more specific while the queries that are typed are shorter in general. So hummingbird update was designed to better understand the queries from the mobile devices.

Hummingbird is not an update that will penalize the website, it’s an update for Google algorithm to work better.

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