How to Add privacy Policy Page in WordPress


The privacy policy is an important page for every website on the web. you have to follow some national and international privacy laws, In fact, many advertising programs like google ask for the privacy page on the website.

What is Privacy Policy ?

A privacy policy page is a statement from you, disclosing the information you collect on your website about visitors. The information includes cookies, comments, subscriptions, etc. Generally, the site owner collects this information using tools like google analytics. The user also provides information in the registration, subscription and some times in the comment box.

A privacy policy page is also a statement disclosing how you use the information of your viewers. forex – website owners show an advertisement on their website with the third-party advertiser, are share this information usually with their advertisement partner.

Do you need Privacy policy page

In many countries, the website is required by laws to disclose the information they collect from the website. Additionally, Europen Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 2018. Ater this regulation the website owner should transparent about how he collected the data and where he/she use those data.

How to add Privacy Policy Page

First create an page with name ‘Privacy Policy Page’. After that go to settings > Privacy.

Click on Privacy > select the privacy policy page from drop down > and if you don’t have privacy policy page then create a new one



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