How To Get Free Domain Name

How To Get Free Domain Name

A domain name is a very important part of website building, without domain name no one will be able to see your website, Domain name is the address of your files stored in the server. There are lots of extension for a domain name, for example .com, .in, .org, .gov, .edu, etc. To buy such domain you need to pay some amount. Domain name is not a permanent property of anyone, the ownership needs to be renewed every interval of time.

Do You Know that you can get a free domain for one year, Yes you read it Right, while I was learning website building, I had no domain to practise on neither I wanted to invest on domain only for practice. then I found the best solution Freedom.

Freenom is a website which provides both paid as well as Free Domain names. Here I am going to explain step by step process:

  1. Visit the site

2. Sign Up using Google or Facebook, its easy to signup through your google or facebook account.

3. After completing the signup format. go to services > Register a new domain.

4. In this step you need to write the domain name which you are looking, here I have used vickymad, you can use any other name as you wish for.

5. You will find the list of Free Domains available. Extensions like .tk, .ml, .ga etc are free of cost.

6. Select any available extension of your wish and click on the checkout button. You can even select multiple domains.

7. Freenom provides free domain for 1 year, you can choose for number of months you need the domain. Here I have taken for 12 months.

8. After clicking on continue, you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here you need fill up few details like address phone number etc. fill all the details and continue.

9. once you complete the process, check your domain in your account. just go to services > My domain. You will find the list of the domain you have purchased. Hurrah you have got you a free domain.

Front of your domain you will find an option of manage your domain. just click that to update the name server.

10. Go to management tools > nameservers

11. Enter the nameserver of your hosting to connect your domain to your hosting server.

Finally you have completed all the process of free domain. These domains are mainly used for practice, but you can also use it for blogging. Learn How to start a blog for free of cost.



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