How to get Your Website Rank faster on google

how to get your website rank faster on google

If you want to rank faster on google then there are several techniques you can use. By having some basic knowledge SEO you can boost your website in a couple of months. Don’t try to rank on the keywords which have less amount of traffic or we can say no one is searching for that keyword instead of that just go for the keywords which have high traffic but low competition.

Make your Website GOOGLE friendly with google search console

one of the best ways to rank faster on Google is to make your website Google friendly. google search console is a tool developed by Google which is used to crawl your website pages, helps you in identifying and correct errors.

Simply add your website to google search console and it enables Google to find your website easily. OK, wait don’t a thing that your website will rank in one day, it takes time to crawl your site, and thanks to the google to use search console to request a force crawl if you make any changes in your website then you don’t have to wait as long as for new crawl.

Target Low competition Keywords with high Rankings

Another best way to rank faster your website on google to find out the keyword which has low competition but high rankings. Use GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER a tool by Google which you can to find the best keyword for your website to rank.

there are many best keyword search tools are available in the market, some are paid and some are free. if you want to use them Then checkout our topic Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for Your website in 2019

Build Social media links on Social Media

Building a social media link is another best way to rank faster on google. just build social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)of your website and link them to your site. Start posting on your social media account and provide a link in the description. If you have a good amount of followers or friends then you will start getting traffic on your website.

This is some basic methods you can use to Rank faster on google But if you want to advance SEO for your website then you have to hire a digital marketing firm. But if you don’t have enough budget to higher a firm then don’t worry use those tricks and wait for a couple of months. and you will see your website is getting traffics.

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