Create Free Website with WordPress

I Always Recommend to use WordPress for creating websites the reasons behind are:

Highly Used CMS (content Management System)

Now around the globe 30% of the websites are build on WordPress Platform and the numbers are continuously increasing.

User Friendly

Its not everyone’s cup of tea to design website using PHP, HTML And CSS, but WordPress comes with very user friendly interface where you can learn within 2 hrs to create websites and start your business online.

E-commerce Support

A free plugin from wordpress allow us to create a online store to start selling through Digital platform. Very Easy to setup and manage.

Themes & Plugins

Huge collections of themes and plugins which enhance our site and save our lots of time and efforts.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

WordPress is responsive to all the devices like tablets and mobile phones, it automatically adjust to the screen size.


There are huge communities online who are always ready to help, you can find all answers of your doubts online.

Now we are going to learn step by step process of creating WordPress website.

Step 1:

For Creating Website either on wordpress or any other platform you are going to need two things:

  • A domain name (a web address of your site like “”)
  • Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet and stores your websites data)

WordPress platform is completely free but Hosting and domain name will cost you around Rs150 – Rs200 per month. It’s even cheaper than a coffee with girlfriend.

You can also create a domain on WordPress like (, but owning your own domain looks very professional and it also comes with an affordable price.

Having your own hosting will help in loading your website faster and it will not be down for hours together, which is again not good for your visitors.

Step 2:


Login To your Hosting C-panel, there will be many options just navigate  to Application Sector. Select WordPress, here you can even select any other CMS (Content Management System), but we will be learning WordPress  So Select WordPress.


After selecting wordpress from application you will see the details of the wordpress, Like the wordpress version size etc. Just click the button in the right top corner of the window, which says install this application.



Before WordPress gets install it will ask for few questions like in which domain you want to install the application. Select the domain from your domain list. In the second option its asking for directory which is optional, by default its value will be wp, just erase that and leave it blank. If don’t leave it blank the your site url will be “”.

Once you complete your selection of domain, next step comes to set a user name and password for your WordPress dashboard without this you will not be able to login to the back end to edit your site. After filling all the details you can install the WordPress. 

Once The installation is complete your site will be LIVE. You can go to web browser and type your Domain Name “”

You will see the site is live with the basic theme And dummy content. 


Now We Are going to Design our website

Step 3: Login

  • In your web browser just type “”
  • You will find the an interface asking for user id and password. 
  • We have to enter the Username or Email Address and password which we created during the installation.
  • Once Logged in you will see the dashboard from where you are going to design the complete website. 

Step 4: Add Theme

  • First thing we have to select a theme for our website, on which we can start customization. 
  • Themes are the ready made templates. we only have to add contain to it , without wasting much of our time. 
  • For this we have to select Appearance > Themes from the dashboard
  • You can select from thousands of themes on WordPress.
  • Click on “Add New”  
  • If you know the theme name then you can directly search from search box.

Step 5: Creating Pages

  • From Dashboard select pages.
  • Then Click on “Add New” 
  • Before that delete the sample page as it is of no use. 
  • Once you click on add new page this window will open as shown in the above image.
  • I have given the name of the page as a “Home” you can give as per your requirement.
  • Just below the page name you can find the link of the page, you can also edit by clicking on edit button.
  • The text editor below is to add content, We can add text, images, audio, embed videos, links etc.
  • After Adding the content you can click on publish button to make your page live on your website. 
  • Here you can Create many more pages like About Us, Contact Us, Etc, just by repeating the same procedure.

Step 6: Creating Blog Post

  • To create a Blog Post We have to navigate to Posts from wordpress dashboard menu
  • Then we have to Click on Add New tab to create a new Blog Post.
  • You can add heading of the blog and the content.
  • You can even add Images, embed videos, etc to make your blog stand out of the crowd. 

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