What is Black Hat SEO

what is black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to a set of practice that are used to rank higher in the search engine by violating the search engines terms.

Off-page Black Hat Methods

Black hatters use techniques like  301 redirect, buying links, Private blog networks, link spamming to tier 1 property and so on.

On the page, Black hat Methods

On page methods used by Black hater are Keyword stuffing, hidden text, multiple h1 tags, etc.

All these methods will hurt your website, Black Hat method Do work when done in the right way but doing black Hat is not an easy task. And if Google discovers a site having black Hat then google will penalize your website. And it’s no longer possible to rank with links alone so now black haters need to build a high-quality website.

Black hat methods are mainly designed to fool search engines that the site is a high authority site in the niche. But after Panda updates, only link building is not the main factor to rank a website. The site should have high-quality content, something that can help users with whatever they are seeking.

On the other hand, white Hat Seo mainly based on the high-quality content and the no. of an editorial link to your website. White Hat SEO takes time to rank your website but there is no chance that Google will penalize your website.

Rather than going with Black Hat Seo, I would suggest you write a high-quality Keyword based content and do off page SEO. In a few months, your website will get traffic.



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