Why long tail keywords have better conversion?

How to Find ToP ranking Keywords of your Competitors.

Long tail Keywrod

Every SEO expert will suggest you target for long tail keywords because of more conversion. But Did you know why Log tail keywords bring more conversion? Today in this article I will tell you How long tail keywords will bring more organic traffic to your website.

What is keyword

Let’s start with Keywords. What is the keyword? A keyword is nothing but a phrase for which you want to rank no. 1 on the search engine. Yes everyone wants to rank number on 1 search engine and that’s why everyone cannot rank no. 1 on the search engine. It’s pretty logical and that’s why the term SEO comes into the palace. SEO means search engine optimization.

Short tail keywords

Keywords generally start from 1 to 10 words.  And when a user is entering some keywords he is expecting many prospective from search engines. For ex. –  If a user searching with a keyword ‘E-commerce theme’. It is a short tail keyword so the user will get many website which has keyword ‘E-commerce theme’. But as this is a short tail and not specific keyword so the user will get a website like – How to install e-commerce theme, Best free e-commerce theme, what is e-commerce theme And from where he can download it.

Meduim tail keywords

Let’s take another example to understand more easily. Assume a user is searching with the keyword ‘e-commerce theme for my online store’. This is a long tail keyword with a specific meaning.  The search engine will show results like an E-commerce theme for free, paid e-commerce theme, the theme for online store.  As this is a more specific keyword the search engine will not show search like – theme for portfolio, the theme for news website, etc…

Long tail keywords

Now move to our next and last example to understand why long tail keywords give more conversion. Let’s assume a user is searching with a long tail keyword ‘free responsive e-commerce theme for my online store’. The search engine will display all the website which contains free responsive e-commerce theme. As these are more specific keywords so the user will get what he wants.

Why long tail keywords?

I think you understood why long tail keywords are better than short tail keywords. In short tail keywords, the search engine will show you many unrelated website while in long tail keywords you will get what you are searching for.

If a user is searching with short tail keywords and comes to your website for ex-user is searching for ‘ WordPress theme’  but looking for ‘free WordPress theme’. And if a user comes to your website as you have written an article on how to install a WordPress theme in 3 steps. Then the user will go back to the search engine, and it will increase your bounce rate and the time spent by the user will also decrease.

Instead of that if a user is searching with a keywords ‘Free WordPress theme’ and comes to your website on the same article then the user will spend some time on your website and if you have good content on your site then the bounce rate will also decrease. And if you have a good Average user session and low bounce rate then your search engine rank will improve fastly.

I think now you understood why long tail keywords have conversion or why long tail keywords are good for SEO. So I will suggest you to always target long tail keywords with low competition to rank faster on the search engine.



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