Why Social Media Marketing is important ?

why social media marketing is important

With the introduction of Social Media, we have a powerful tool to share a piece of information throughout the world in a couple of seconds. Nowadays Most of the people are using Social Media and because of that social media marketing is now more important for every small to large scale business.

So the first question comes Why social media marketing is important ?

According to a survey 95%, a small business uses social media to attract new customers while 85% of businesses aren’t sure about social media tools. A study says that 65% of people who searches for an online business are more consumer of brands with an established social media presence. I think you got an idea of how big social media is and what is the importance of social media for business. but the problem comes in.

There are millions of users on social media and there are many brands already active on social media so how to stand out your business in that? the answer is simple you should go with a proper plan or I can say go with a proper social media strategy.

Now let’s talk about why social media is important for business ?


Doing a good branding of business on social media is one of the best ways to connect with the targeted audience, You can use your social media channels to increase your reach. Social media helps you in branding of your products.

2. Customer Loyality

if your business or your brand is always active on social media then it will give a positive sign to your customers. people will start following you on social media and it will create a good connection between your customer and your brand.

3. Conversion

social media is one of the best ways to generate leads and conversion. BY every post, ads, followers you will get the opportunity to convert.

4. Customer Service

Social media is a platform where people share there almost everything. and if they buy something from your brand and if they don’t like it then there is a chance they will share it on social media. So by this You will get ideas what changes you have to made to your products. and also you can follow them, offer them other additional products and create an open line communication.



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