You tube SEO : How to rank you tube videos in 2020

You tube SEO How to rank you tube videos in 2019

In this Article i am gonna tell you how to rank you tube videos.

Youtube is a very popular video streaming platform and due to its popularity, everyone wants to be you tuber. But on youtube, there is a lot of content already available for any keyword and to rank for any keyword it’s very difficult or we can say getting views and traffic on youtube is not that much easy.

So here is the step by step guide you can follow to generate more traffic to your channel through the search engine.


You tube SEO begins with You tube keyword research.

so how to find the best keyword to rank faster ? or how to find a keyword with less competition but higher search.


first, you have to generate a list of ideas on which you can create a video or we can say you have knowledge of that particular topic.

forex – You are good at Public Speaking, then first make a list of topics on which you can write or I can create a video.

once done go to the next step, go to youtube and click on the search bar and write down your topic

once you will write down your topic You tube will provide Suggested keywords. and these arr the keywords, people are searching in actually so what you are thinking just take one keyword and start creating a video.

like if you are good at public speaking and you know how to train people then I will choose public speaking training keyword.

Notice – Always put your keyword in Youtube Video title, Description, and tags.


Create a video that keeps people engaged or we can say create a video with high-retention. don’t make a lengthy or a boring video. make a video with enough content so that the user will watch the whole video.

If your video keeps the user on Youtube then Youtube will always rank your video higher in search engines. (YouTube wants people to stay on the platform so they click on ads. And if you help them with that goal, they’ll promote your video)


Video title – Your video title should be more than 5 words. and it should contain your keyword.

For ex.-My keyword is ‘higher google ranking ‘ then I will write tittle How to get Higher google ranking in 2019.

Description – Make a video description of at least 250-300 words and Include your keyword in the description at least 4-5 times.

Tags Tags are very important to rank higher in search results. write down at least 5 tags and include your keywords in that.

#4 Promote your video

Promote your videos on social media accounts. tell your friends and family member to share it everywhere.

you can also promote your video on Q&A sites.



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